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How do I use Freading ebooks

1) You need to have a valid library card from a library that has contracted the Freading eBook Service.

2) You need to decide on what device that you will read the eBooks. The most popular devices that are compatible with Freading eBooks are:

•Any computer or laptop running a Windows or Mac platform. Major browsers such as IE, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome will show the site just fine.

•The nook family of devices from Barnes & Noble. The nook devices are not compatible with direct wireless downloading of Freading eBooks, but they accept transfers from your PC or Mac through a simple process.

•The Apple iPad® and iPhone®. The Freading eBook service has a free application in the Apple App Store which you can download. You must use the general browser to access your library’s Freading site, then you download the eBook into the application. Direct downloading from within the application is not possible.

•Most Android™ based tablets and phones. The Freading eBook Service has a free application in the Android app Market, and tablets that allow you to download the app include tablets from Motorola, Sony, Samsung and Acer, among others. Downloading is possible from within the Freading Android App.

•The Kobo Ereader and Vox tablet. The Freading App is in the Getjar App store.

•The Kindle Fire, but not other Kindle Devices. The Kindle Fire accepts 3rd party apps through a few extra steps as indicated below.

3) All mobile device users will need an Adobe ID in order to activate their Freading app for use. If users do not already have an Adobe ID, they can create an ID by visiting the Adobe website. eReader users (Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo) will also need an Adobe ID in order to utilize the Adobe® Digital Editions software on their PC. Adobe Digital Editions is a software program similar to iTunes in that it manages downloads and stores the eBooks on your PC. If the eReading device is not compatible with the Freading app (Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo), then the eBooks will need to be transferred from their PC to their eReader through the Adobe Digital Editions software

What are tokens?

Tokens are a virtual currency that you use to exchange for downloads.   You are given four tokens a week indicated in the upper right hand corner of the home page after you login.  When you choose a book, the amount of tokens labeled on the book is deducted from your account.

There are three different token costs of a book, downloads cost 4, 2 or 1 token depending on the value assigned by the publisher.  In most cases newly published books are 4 tokens, then after a time period they drop to 2, and then after another time period they drop to 1.  So in general, the token value is based on how new a book is.  In some cases though, a publisher may have chosen a different criteria such as popularity.

Unused tokens roll over each week for a four week period, a week being defined as a Monday to Sunday period of seven days, beginning at 12:01AM Monday, New York time, and going to midnight on Sunday.  At the end of the fourth week from the time you first logged in, unused tokens are cleaned out of your account, except for your original weekly allotment.  The rolling over process then starts all over again, as a new four week cycle has begun. 

How long do I have the book for?

The Adobe Digital Editions software will limit your access to each ebook for a 2 week initial period.  You can extend the loan period for one 2 week period by going back to the book display on the website and hitting the download button again.  You will see that the token value has decreased since the initial loan.  Most renewals are free.

Can I renew a book?

A book can be renewed for one 2 week period by going back to the book display on the website and hitting the download button again. You will see that the token value has decreased since the initial loan. Most renewals are free.

What is Adobe Digital Editons and how do I use it?

Adobe Digital Editions is a software that enables you to read the Freading ebook downloads, and it also stores and organizes the downloads, at least on a computer.  Mobile users will download their files into an application.

Freading EPUB and PDF books are wrapped in the Adobe software, which acts as a digital rights management.  This software limits the loan period, and prevents copying.

What devices work with the Freading ebooks service?

While not a complete list, here are some of the most popular devices that work with the service:

For direct downloading off the site you can use a PC or Mac.  With our app, you can use the iPhone or iPad.  With our app, you can use most Android tablets and phones.  Tablets we have tested include Samsung Galaxy, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Asus and Xoom.

For transfer of an eBook via a computer and Adobe Digital Editions, you can use the Nook devices, the Sony reader and the Kobo reader.  We suspect there are more compatible ereaders.

Freading eBooks are available via the Kindle Fire by a special procedure, but not other Kindles.

At the moment, Freading eBooks are only viewable on Nook tablets via transfer.

How do I get the Freading App on the Kindle Fire?

It takes a few extra steps to get the Freading application on the Kindle Fire, but once it is set up,most users report that it is easy to use. (Please note:  on some versions of the Kindle Fire users are warned that loading applications this way is less private and there is a risk of “unexpected behavior”.)

Go to the settings on the Kindle Fire (it is the bicycle gear icon at the top) and go to “device”.  Turn on the switch for allowing unknown applications.

Go to the browser on your Kindle Fire and type in m.getjar.com.

You may be prompted to install the GetJar app at this point, tap 'download' if you are prompted. If not, search for 'getjar' on this site

After you find the GetJar app, tap to download it to your Kindle

A little number icon will appear in a circle next to the name of the Kindle at the top of the display when the download is complete. Tap the number and follow the on screen instructions to install it.

Tap the back arrow on the screen to go back to browse the GetJar < store.

Search for and download the Freading app.

As above, a number icon will appear by the name of the device to indicate the download is complete. Tap the number to find the file to install

The Freading app will show up on the home page of the Fire now. The first time you turn the Kindle off after the install, you may need to press the sync/refresh button, which is in the first menu after pressing the settings gear icon.

Use Freading through the browser (go back to your library's Freading site) and download into the Freading app, or from within the app itself by tapping the 'store' icon.

Note: If the popup does not appear automatically for the GetJar app when you first visit the website (m.getjar.com) you can manually download it by clicking any of the apps on the screen. After this, proceed with step 5.

What are your apps?

Our apps can be downloaded in the Apple App Store, the Android Marketplace, or at www.freading.com. Some libraries may have a link to the apps on their website. When in the Apple App Store or the Android Marketplace it may help to search for “Freading” and “Library Ideas”.

How do the apps work?

Apple: The Apps functionality is to store and read the book. You must use the Safari browser to download a Freading eBook.

1.Use the browser to access your library’s Freading site. Login as necessary.

2.Download a book. You may be asked to “authorize” your device, which means you must login using your Adobe credentials when prompted.

3.You will be asked where you want to download the file. Select the Freading app.

4.After downloading, you will be able to read and navigate the book in the Freading app.

Android: You can use the App to download and read a book.

1.Open the Freading app.

2.Press the “grid” icon in the lower left hand corner to make a new group of menu icons appear.

3.Press the “store” shopping cart icon to browse your library’s Freading site.

4.Download and enjoy.

how do renew a book?

Once your time period has expired, you can renew a book by visiting the book display again on the library’s Freading site. You will see that the token value has changed, and the renewal cost, if any, is displayed. You can go to the download link and downloading it will renew the eBook for 2 more weeks.

How do i get a book on more than one device?

The Adobe Digital Editions software will allow you to transfer eBooks to multiple, but not unlimited, devices. If you are not using a computer, you can re-download a book within your loan period at no cost by going to “My Downloads” in the upper right corner on the home page. This will allow you to re-download an eBook at no token cost up to two times.  

How often is new content added?

New content is generally added on a weekly basis.


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