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Worcester Clipping File

A. Amorello & Sons
A.A. Brunell Electro Plating Co.
A.L.P.A. - see also Spanish Speaking
A.M.E. Zion Church
Abbot Bioresearch Center
ACT Manufacturing
Adams Farm
Adams Square Church
AdPro of Worcester, Inc.
Adult Day Care
Adult Education
Adult Education Association
Adult Foster Care
Advance Bearing and Supply Co.
Advance Cell Technology Inc.
Advance Plating Corp.
Advanced InterConnect Inc.
Advanced RISC Corp.
Advent Christian Church
Advent Christian Church
Advertising Agencies
Advertising Club of Worcester
Advertising Club of Worcester
Aercor Co.
Aetna Life & Casualty Co.
Aetna Life and Casualty Co.
Affirmative Action (Worcester) - see Equal Opportunity
Affordable Windows and Doors
Age Center
Aged - Housing (public and Private)
Aid for Children
AIDS - see Health -Aids
AIM Welding Supply
Air Frame Inspection, Inc.
Air Pollution - see also Pollution
Airport (others)
Airport Industrial Park
Al Bums
Alcohol and Driving
Alcohol and Youth
Alcohol Planning Consortium of Greater Worcester, Inc.
Alcoholism Council of Greater Worcester
Alden Business School
Alden Electronics Companies (Westboro)
Alden Research Laboratory
Alden Trust
Aldrich Astronomical Society
Aletheia Club
Aletheia Grotto
Alhambra, International Order of
All America City
Al Ives Chevrolet
All State Lighting Mfg. Co.
Allegro MicroSystems
Alliance for Education
Allied Manufacturing Co.
Allied Services, Inc.
Allmerica Financial - see State Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Alpha-Beta Technology Inc.
Alside Inc. (Northbridge)
Alternative Group Inc.
Alternative School - see Schools - Alternative School
Alternatives Unlimited
Altrusa Club
Alumni Clubs
Alvin Products
Amarian Plastics (Leominster)
Ambulance Service
American Antiquarian Society
American Association of Retired Persons
American Association of University Women
American Automobile Association of South Central New England
American Automobile Repossessing Services
American Bank Stationary Co. (Auburn)
American Business Women
American Cancer Society
American Card Clothing Co.
American Chemical Society, Central Massachusetts Section
American Civil Liberties Union
American Disposables Inc.
American District Telegraph Co.
American Fabricating Corp.
American Hanger Inc.
American Humanist Association
American Industrial and Medical Products
American Institute of Banking, Worcester Chapter
American Institute of Industrial Engineering
American Legion Clubs
American Linen Supply
American Meat Packing Co.
American Metal Products (Auburn)
American Optical Co. (Southbridge)
American Personnel and Guidance Association; Worcester County Chapter
American Polymers Inc.
American Power Systems Corp.
American Pressed Metal Inc.
American Production and Inventory Control Society, Worcester Co. Chapter
American Professionals for Youth Inc.
American Red Cross - see Red Cross, Worcester Chapter
American Screw & Barrel Co.
American Society for Metals
American Society for Quality Control
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Society of Insurance Management, Central Massachusetts Chapter
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Society of Safety Engineers, Worcester Chapter
American Steel and Wire Co.
American Superconductor Corp.
American Supply Co.
American Tissue Mills of Massachusetts
American Welding Society, Worcester Section
Americans for Self-Help
Americorps - see Peace Corps, etc.
Ames Department Store
Amnesty International
Amoco Chemical Co.
Amoco Container Co.
Anacom Data Services
Anderson Little Co.
Anderson Moran Trailer & Equipment Co.
Anderson Products, Div. Wilton Corp.
Andover Institute of Business - see Alden Business School
Andrew's Furniture Co.
Androck Inc. - see Washburn Co.
Androform Industries, Inc. - see Wyman Gordon Co.
Angelo Roncalli Center
Anglo Fabrics Co.
Animal Farms
Animal Hospitals
Animal Officers
Animal Rescue League - see Worcester Animal Rescue League
Anker House
Anna Maria College
Anniversary (250th)
Antell Engineering Co. (Spencer)
Anti-defamation League
Anti-draft - see Military Service
Anti-militarism - see Protest Groups
Anti-nuclear Power - see Protest Groups
Anti-nuclear Weapons - see Protest Groups
Anwelt Corp. (Fitchburg)
Apartments - Conway Gardens
Apartments - East View
Apartments - Lincoln Village
Apartments - Mountain Village
Apartments - Plumley Village
Apartments - Redwood Hills
Apartments - Royal Worcester
Apartments - Washington Heights
Apothecary Medical Supply
Appalachian Mountain Club, Worcester Chapter
Appeals Board - see also Zoning
Apple Computer Inc.
Applied Fiberoptics Corp. (Southbridge)
Applied Plastic Technologies, Inc.
Applix (Southboro)
Apportionment - see Election Districts
Aquarium Clubs
Arab Clubs
Arcade Malleable Iron Co.
Arch Communications Group
Archaeology Clubs
Architectural Woodworking Co.
Architecture - see also Historic places
Archway, Inc.
Ardent Software Inc.
Ardmore Inc.
Arduini Manufacturing Co.
Area Health Education Center
Aristo - Craft
Armed Forces of Worcester County Association
Armenian Apostolic Church of Our Savior
Armenian Apostolic Holy Trinity Church
Armenian Church of Martyrs
Armenian Clubs
Armeno Cereal Co. (Northboro)
Armories - see U.S. Armed Forces
Armour & Co.
Armour Electronic Corp.
Armour Grocery Products Co.
Armour-Porter Co.
Arnold Coat Co.
Arnold's Music Co
Arrow Automobile Co. (Hudson)
Arrow Plywood Co., Inc.
Arses Design and Manufacturing Inc.
Art - see also Monuments
Art Clubs
Art Festival
Art League, Public School
Art Museum
Art Resources of Worcester, Inc.
Artel Communicating Corp.
Arter Grinding Machine Co.
Artfaire (Leominster) - see Carrington Co. (Leominster)
Artgift Greeting Co.
Arthritis and rheumatism
Artificial Satellites
Arts Advisory Committee
Arts and Crafts
Arts District
Arts Worcester
Arnold Greene & Co., Inc. 
Asa Bartlett Press
Asbestos Textile Co. (North Brookfield)
Aseco Corp.
Asher Co. (Fitchburg)
Ashworth Brothers, Inc.
Asians—see Chinese; Cambodian; Vietnamese; etc.
Assemblies of God Churches
Assessors Department
Associated Blind of Massachusetts, Worcester Chapter - see also Blind
Associated Retail Credit Men of Massachusetts
Associated Transports Inc.
Association of Colored Peoples - see Home Assn. For Aged Colored People
Association of Environmental Sciences
Assumption College
Assumption College clubs
Astra Pharmaceutical Products, Inc.
Astro Cleaning Systems
Astro Packaging Inc. (Leominster)
Astro Wire and Cable Co.
Astrofoam Inc.
Astronautics Industries Inc. (Marlboro)
Astronauts - see also David M. Clark Co.
Astronomy - see also Alden Astronomy Society
Astronomy Charted
Astro-Valcour Inc.
Atamian Motors
Athena Diagnostics - see Genica Pharmaceuticals
Athletic clubs
Athol Communication Corp.
Athol Cutter and Carbide Co.
Athol Machine and Foundry Co.
Atkins and Merrill, Inc.
Atlantic Electrical Supply Co.
Atlantic Union College
Atlas Distributing Co. (Auburn)
Atlas News Co.
Atlas Press
Atomic warfare
Attorneys - see Lawyers
Auburn Industrial Tool Grinding Co.
Auditing Dept.
Auditorium - see Memorial Auditorium
Authors (in general)
Automated Assemblies Corp. (Clinton)
Automated Components Technologies
Automatic Products Corp.
Automatic Rolls of New England
Automobile Clubs
Automobile Information Bureau, Inc.
Automotive Management Inc.
AVCO Bay State Abrasives - see Bay State Abrasives
Aviall Co. - see Comeford - Audet Corp.
Aviation Training Academy
Axis Co.

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