Worcester Free Public Library

Worcester Clipping File

Iandoll Markets 
IBM Corp
IBS Commodities
Ice Cream 
Ice Industry 
Ice Storms
Ideal Paper Supply Co. 
Idle Wild Foods, Inc. 
IEP Inc. (Westboro) 
Illiteracy - see Literacy 
Images Etc. (Sterling) 
Immanuel Church
Immigration and Emigration 
Imperial Distributors, Inc. 
In Step Boutique 
Incinerator (City) - see Refuse & Refuse Disposal 
Income Tax 
Incoterm Corp. (Westboro) 
Independent Boxmakers of N.E. 
Independent Lock Co. 
Independent Maintenance Contractors 
Independent Postal Systems of America 
India Society of Worcester 
Indian Hill 
Indian Lake Academy 
Indian Lake 
Indiana Screw Machine Products CO. 
Industrial Cases Inc. 
Industrial City Bank and Banking Co. 
Industrial City Bank and Trust Co. - see also Industrial City Bank and Banking Co. 
Industrial Development Finance Authority 
Industrial Experience, Inc. 
Industrial Foundry Corps. 
Industrial Management Council, Worcester YMCA Chapter 
Industrial Parks - see also Airport Industrial Park 
Industrial Polymers and Chemicals, Inc. (Shrewsbury) 
Industrial Stamping Co. 
Industrial Stitching Inc. 
Industrial Suppliers of New England 
Industrial Suppliers of Worcester 
Industrial Tool Engineering Company (Oxford) 
Industry - History 
Influenza (1968-69) 
Influenza- Swine Flu
Informix - see Ardent Software, Inc. 
Injectronics, Inc. 
Inmont Corp. (Auburn) 
Innovations, Inc. 
Inns - see Hotels, historic Housing, etc. 
Insanity - see Mental Health 
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 
Institutional Linens 
Insurance - Health 
Insurance (City) 
Insurance Agencies 
Insurance Associations 
Insurance companies - see also specific company names 
Insurance Cost Control, Inc. 
Insurance, Automobile 
Intel Corp. 
Interesting People 
Interfaith Center of Draft Information - see Military Service 
Interfaith Housing Corp. 
International Business Machines Co. (IBM) 
International Center 
International Clearview Plastics 
International Management Council 
International Restoration Specialists 
InterQual Inc. 
Interstate Brake Products 
Interstate Emergency Rescue Team 
Investment Companies 
IPG Photonics 
IPL Products Ltd. 
Iraqi Club 
Irish Clubs 
Isaiah Thomas Award 
Isaiah Thomas Books 
Island - see Green Island 
Isomedix Operations Inc. 
Italian Church
Italian Clubs 
ITT Electro Optical Products Div. 
Iver J. Erickson 
Iver Johsnon Co. 
Ivy Microcomputer Corp. 
Ivy Properties
Ivy Shop 

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