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Worcester Clipping File

A. I. Purington Co. 
Barks - Bell Pond - see Parks - Chandler Hill Park 
F. H. Pfeiffer Co., Inc. 
J.C. Penny Co. 
Ken Perro & Sons Inc. 
P.M. Manufacturing Co. 
P.S.E. Co. 
Package Industries Inc. 
Package Steel Building Systems 
Packaging Technical Services Inc. 
Palladium—see theaters, Palladium
Palley Office Supply Co. 
Pan American Comm. Of Worcester 
Pan Commercial Pacific Co. 
Paper Craft Co. 
Paper Making 
Paper Trading Corp. 
Par Breakers Club 
Paramount Press 
Parent Connection 
Parent Teacher Clubs 
Parents Anonymous - see also Child Abuse 
Parents Without Partners, Worcester Chapter 
Park Avenue 
Park Building - see Peoples Church Home 
Parke Davis CO. (Westboro) 
Parker Affiliated Co. 
Parker and Harper Mfg. Co. 
Parker Manufacturing Co. 
Parking - Off Street 
Parking - see also Off Street Parking Board 
Parking Garages 
Parking Meters 
Parkinsonian Society of Greater Worcester 
Parks - Apricot Street 
Parks - Beaver Brook 
Parks - Bennett Field 
Parks - Boynton 
Parks - Burncoat 
Parks - Cascade 
Parks - Chandler Hill Park 
Parks - Coes 
Parks - Columbus Park 
Parks - Common - see Common 
Parks - Crompton Park 
Parks - Crystal Park - see Parks - University Park 
Parks - Dodge Park 
Parks - Duffy Field 
Parks - East Park - see Parks - Chandler Hill Park 
Parks - Elm Park 
Parks - Goddard 
Parks - Green Hill Park 
Parks - Greenwood Park 
Parks - Hadwen Park 
Parks - Harrington Way 
Parks - Harry Sherry Field - see Parks - Maloney Field 
Parks - Institute Park 
Parks - Kendrick Field 
Parks - Lake Park 
Parks - Lake View 
Parks - Lincoln Park 
Parks - Logan Field 
Parks - Maloney Field 
Parks - Morgan Park 
Parks - Oread Park 
Parks - Roberto Clemente Park 
Parks - Rockwood Field 
Parks - Shore Park 
Parks - South Worcester Playground - see Parks - Maloney Field 
Parks - University Park 
Parks - Vernon Hill Park 
Parks (in general) 
Parks- Cookson Field
Parks Department 
Parks Department 
Parks- Holmes Field
Parkway Diner 
Parson's Cider Mill 
Party 'n' Pastry Shop 
Patch's Pond 
Patrick Motors. Inc. 
Patriot Metals CO. (formerly Philip Buxton) 
Patriotic Clubs 
Patten Co., Inc. 
Paul Hats, Inc. 
Paul Revere Life Insurance Co. - see also Mass. Protective Association 
Peace Corps, Vista, etc. 
Peace Groups - see Protest Groups 
Pearson Piano Co. 
Pearson the Printer 
Peck & Peck 
Peggy Hat Salon 
Penn Pride CO. 
Pensions (City) 
Pentecostal Churches - Mt. Olive 
People Against Racism 
People's Church Home 
People's Forum 
Peoples Savings Bank - see also Mechanics Savings Bank 
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Worcester 
Pepsinic Seltzer Corp. 
Perfection Ballot Box Co. 
Performing Arts School of Worcester 
Peripheral Data Systems 
Perkins & Butler 
Perkins School (Lancaster) 
Pernat Family Health Services - see also Little Sisters of the Assumption 
Personnel Department 
Personnel Directors Council 
Personnel Management Association of Central Massachusetts 
Personnel Relations Review Board 
Peter Lumber Co. 
Phalo Corps. (Shrewsbury) 
Pharmacists Associations 
Phillip L. Buxton Co.
Phillips Tool and Manufacturing Co. 
Phippscraft Co. (Leicester) 
Phoenix Club 
Phoenix Community Services 
Phoenix Distributors 
Phoenix Forum 
Photopanels of New England, Inc. 
Physically Handicapped - see Handicapped 
Piano & Organ Co. 
Pick Robotics Inc. 
Pictorial Works 
Piedmont Area 
Piedmont Center for the Arts - see Summer's World Center for the Arts 
Piedmont Center of Natural History - see Worcester Natural History Society 
Piedmont Citizens for Action 
Piedmont Neighborhood Council 
Piedmont Opportunity Center 
Pier One Imports 
Pilgrim Pipe Industries 
Pinkerton Detective Agency 
Plan E. Government - see Municipal Government - Plan E 
Planetary Minds 
Planned Parenthood League 
Planning Board 
Planning Department - see also City Planning; Office of Planning and Comm.Dev. Development 
Plasticraft Corp. 
Plastics Academy Products 
Plastics Again (Leominster) 
Plastics Industry 
Platter Place Records 
Players Club of Worcester 
Plaza Club 
Pleasant Street Church
Plumley Village - see Apartments - Plumley Village 
Plywood Ranch 
Pobco, Inc. 
Poetry - see also Worcester County Poetry Assn. 
Poets Hill 
Poison Information Center 
Polar Ginger Ale Co. 
Polep - Western Mass. Tobacco & Candy Co. 
Police Associations 
Police Brutality - see Human Rights; Police Department 
Police Department 
Police, Special 
Police, Worcester County 
Polini's Bakery 
Poliomyelitis - see March of Dimes 
Polish Clubs 
Polish National Church of the Good Shepard 
Polish People 
Political Action Committees (PAC) 
Political Clubs 
Political Parties - see also Democrats; Republican Party 
Pollution - see also Air Pollution; Water Pollution 
Polus Center
PolyCarbon Industries
Polyclad Laminate Inc. (Millbury) 
Polysar Inc. (Leominster) 
Polyvinyl Films 
Pomco Associates 
Ponds - see Lakes and Ponds 
Port of Worcester 
Post Card Club of Central Mass. 
Post Office 
Power and Control Engineering Inc. 
Prager Co. 
Pratt & Whitney Precision Grinding 
Pratt and Inman, Inc. (Auburn) 
Prayer, Citizens For and Against 
Presbyterian Churches 
Prescription Parents 
Preservation Worcester—see Worcester Heritage/Preservation Society
Presmet Corp. 
Price Brothers Engineering Corp. 
Price Lifeskills Institute 
Prifti's Candies 
Prime Computer Inc. 
Prime Value Mart 
Princeton Prototype 
Printers Equipment Exchange 
Printpak, Inc. (West Boylston) 
Priority Mfg. Corp. 
Prisons - History 
Prisons - see also County House of Correction 
Private Schools - see also Names of Individual Schools; Catholic Schools 
Probus Club 
Process Systems International 
Proctor + Gamble
Profit Sharing 
Progressive Party of Worcester 
Progressive Tool & Die Co. (Shrewsbury) 
Project Equality 
Project Involve 
Proof, Inc. 
ProPark Co. 
Proportional Representation 
Proposition 2 1/2 - see also Finance by year 
Prospect House 
Protest Groups 
Prouty Printing - see Commonwealth Stationers 
Providence and Worcester Railroad 
ProWalker Co. 
Prudential Life Insurance Co. 
Public Buildings Bureau - see Code Inspection Dept. 
Public Health - see Health 
Public Health and Code Inspection Department 
Public Housing - Great Brook Valley 
Public Housing - Lakeside 
Public Housing - Lincolnwood 
Public Housing - St. Nicholas Trust 
Public Housing - Turnkey 
Public Housing 
Public Inebriate Program (PIP) - see also Alcoholism 
Public Library - Architecture 
Public Library - Mural 
Public Library 
Public Opinion Polls 
Public Records 
Public Rest Rooms 
Public Welfare 
Public Works Department 
Publishers and Publishing 
Publisher's Service Corp. (Webster) 
Puerto Ricans - see Spanish Speaking 
Puerto Rico 
Pullman Standard Car Mfg. Co. 
Purchasing Department 
Purchasing Management Association of Worcester 
Purgatory Chasm - see Sutton 
Puritan Industries, Inc.
The Princeton Co. 

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