Worcester Free Public Library

Worcester Clipping File

S.A.Y. Industries (Leominster) 
Sack Storage Co. 
Safety-Kleen Corp. 
Saint Ann's Orphanage - see Mt. Saint Ann 
Saint Benedict Center 
Saint Camilius Hospital 
Saint Cyr Cosmetics 
Saint Francis Homes 
Saint Gabriel Music School 
Saint-Gobain—see Norton Co.
Saint Joseph's Abbey 
Saint Joseph's Home 
Saint Marks School 
Saint Pierre Manufacturing Corp. 
Saint Vincent de Paul Society 
Saint Vincent Hospital 
Saint Wulston Society 
Salaries (City) see also Wages 
Salisbury Mansion 
Salisbury Pond 
Salisbury Street 
Saloom Furniture Co. 
Salter Secretarial School 
Saltus Press 
Salvation Army 
Samaritans, Ancient Mystic Order of 
Sandler Ette (Webster) 
(Eli) Sandman Co. - see also Lewcott Corp. 
Sani-mate Supply Inc. 
Sanitory Inc. Corp. 
(S.M.) Sargeant 
Savers Cooperative Bank 
Savings Bank Women of Mass. 
Sawyer, W. H. Lumber Co. & Sawyer's Home Center 
Sawyer School of Business 
Sayles & Jank Co. (Warren) 
Scandinavian Athletic Club (SAC) 
Scholarships, Fellowships & Loans 
School Arts Magazine 
School Business Partnership 
School Choice 
School Committee 
School of the Performing Arts - see Performing Arts School of Worcester 
School Street Storage CO. 
School Volunteers for Worcester 
- Administration & Organization 
- Alternative School 
- Attendance 
- Bilingual Program 
- Buses 
- Chapter 622 - see Sports, Equal Opportunity 
- Catholic - see Catholic Schools 
- Condoms - see Sex Education 
- Curriculum 
- Dental Clinics 
- Discipline 
- Districts 
Arts Magnet see St. Nicholaus Ave
Schools - Elementary School (in general) 
- Abbott Street 
- Adams Square 
- ALL School 
- Andover Street 
- Belmont Street (old) 
- Belmont Street Community 
- Blithewood Avenue 
- Bloomingdale 
- Burncoat 
- Cambridge - Canterbury 
- Canterbury Street 
- Chandler Magnet 
- Chandler Street 
- Chandler - Oxford - Winslow 
- City View 
- Clark Street Community 
- Columbus Park 
- Dartmouth Street 
- Dix Street 
- Downing Street 
- East Kendall Street 
- Edgeworth Street 
- Elizabeth Street 
- Elm Park Community 
- Flagg Street 
- Freeland Street 
- Gage Street 
- Gates Lane 
- Goddard 
- Grafton Street 
- Granite Street 
- Greendale 
- Harlow Street 
- Heard Street 
- Indian Hill 
- Jacob Hiatt 
- Lake View 
- Lamartine 
- Ledge Street 
- Lee Street 
- Lincoln Street 
- McGrath 
- Malvern Road 
- Mason Street 
- May Street 
- Middlesex Avenue 
- Midland Street 
- Mill Street & Swan Ave. 
- Millbury Street 
- Nelson Place 
- New Ludlow Street 
- Norrback 
- Oxford Street 
- Providence Street 
- Quinsigamond 
- Rice Square 
- Roosevelt 
- St. Nicholas Ave. 
- Sycamore Street 
- Tatnuck 
- Thomas Street 
- Thorndyke Street 
- Union Hill 
- Upsala 
- Vernon Hill 
- Ward Street 
- Walwecus Road 
- Webster Square 
- West Boylston 
- West Tatnuck 
- Winslow Street 
- Woodland Street 
Schools - Enrollment 
Schools - Equal Rights 
Schools - Finance 
Schools - Food 
Schools - Guidance 
Schools - High (in general) 
- Burncoat 
- Classical 
- Classical & English 
- Commerce 
- Doherty 
- English 
- North 
- South 
- South Community 
Schools - History 
Schools - JROTC 
Schools - Junior High (in general) 
- Burncoat 
- Chandler 
- Forest Grove 
- Grafton Street 
- Harrington Way 
- Providence 
Schools - Kindergarten 
Schools - Libraries 
Schools - Middle Schools 
Schools - Middle Schools - East 
Schools - Middle Schools - Sullivan 
Schools - Physical Education Program 
Schools - Religion - see Religion in Public Schools 
Schools - Salaries 
Schools - School Day Length 
Schools - School Year Length 
Schools - Sex Education - see Sex Education 
Schools - Special Education 
Schools - Student Rights 
Schools - Summer School 
Schools - Teachers 
Schools - Television 
Schools - Text Books 
Schools - Traffic 
Schools - Transitional School 
Schools - University Park Campus 
Schools - (County) 
- Enrollment 
- Bay Path Vocational 
- Blackstone Valley Regional 
- Wachusett Regional 
Science Center 
Science Fairs 
Science Investment Inc. 
Angelo Scola & Co. 
Scrap Metal Industry 
Scrimgeour Electric Co. 
Seabrook Nuclear Plant (local news) - see Nuclear Power 
Sears Island 
Sears, Roebuck Co. 
Secretaries' Associations 
Security Engineered Machine Co. 
Security Storage of Worcester 
Selig Manufacturing CO. (Leominster) 
Sem-Tec Inc. 
Senak Co. of Worcester Inc. 
Senior Center 
Sentry Publishing Co. 
Sepracor Inc. 
Sequoia Systems Inc. 
September 11th 
Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) 
Service Employees International Union (SEIU) 
Service Network Inc. (Princeton) 
Service Stations 
Sessions Funeral Home 
Seven Hills 
Seven Hills Plaza 
Seventh Day Adventist Church 
Sewers & Sewage - see also Upper Blackstone Water Pollution Abatement District 
Sex Education 
Sexual Abuse - see Child Abuse; Child Abuse - Clergy; Crimes; Crimes - Rape 
Sexual Harassment 
Shack's Clothes 
Shakespeare Clubs 
R.G. Shakour, inc. 
Sharfman's Jewelers 
Sharing Our Survival 
H.E. Shaw CO. 
Shaw's Supermarket inc. 
Shamut Worcester County Bank 
Shay's Rebellion 
Sheet Metal Specialties Co. 
Shepherd Knapp School 
Sheppard Envelope CO. 
C.T. Sherer, Inc. 
L.N. Sherry Co. 
Sheriff's Assns. 
Shields Industry y 
Shipley Co. (Marlboro) 
Shoe Industry 
Shoppers Spree 
Shopping Centers - see also Worcester Center 
Shredded Wheat Co. 
Shrewsbury Street 
Shrine Club 
Siegal & West Associates 
Signal Environmental Systems 
Simonds Industries 
Simplex Time Recorder Co. (Gardner) 
J. Frank Sims Cab Co. 
Sincerely Yours 
Singles Groups 
Sister Cities - see also Worcester-Puskin Sister City Project Newsletter (Worcester Rm. Mag. Collection) 
Sisters for Christian Community 
Sisters of Mercy 
Sisters of Our Lady of Good Counsel 
Sisters of Saint Joseph 
Sjogran Tool & Machine Co. 
Skin Diving 
Skis & Skiing 
Sky Diving - see Parachuting 
Skyline Engineers, Inc. 
SLA - Dust (Boylston) 
Slavery in the U.S. - see Underground Railroad 
Sleeper & Hartley, Inc. 
Slonimsky & Ritz Delicatessen 
Slovin Co. 
Small Business Administration 
Small Business Development Center 
Small Business Service Bureau 
Smalley Toyota 
Smartfoods Inc. (Marlboro) 
(C.K.) Smith & Co. 
(E.T.) Smith & Co. 
James Smith & Sons, Inc. - see also Smith-Roy, Jr. 
Thomas Smith Co. 
Smith Pond 
Smith Valve CO. (Westboro) 
Smith-Roy, Inc. 
Smoke Detectors, Sprinklers, etc. 
Smokestack Place 
Snell Mfg. Co. 
Snider Food & Storage, Inc. (Sutton) 
Snow Removal 
Soap Box Derby 
Social Life 
Social Security 
Social Service Corp. 
Social Services - see also Community Services of Greater Worcester, Inc. 
Social Statistics - see Community Studies 
Social Workers Associations 
Sociedad Cultural Hispana 
Society for the Advancement of Management, Worcester Chapter 
Society for the Preservation & Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America, Worc. Chapter 
Society of American Magicians, Worcester Assembly 
Society of Carbide Engineers 
Society of Friends - see Quakers 
Society of Reproduction Engineers 
Socony - Vacuum Oil Co. 
Solar Chemical Corporation of Leominster 
Solar Energy 
Solarium Suntan Center 
Solar Steel Co. (Auburn) 
Solectron Corp. 
Solomon Glass, Inc. 
Soltaics Engineering, Inc. 
Solvation, Inc. (Westboro) 
Somerville Lumber 
Somerset Diagnostic Center 
Sons of the American Revolution 
Soroptomists Club 
Sound West 
South Worcester 
Southeast Asians 
Southville - see Southboro 
Southern Worcester Co. Health Association - see Tuberculosis; Worcester Co. Health Association 
Sovereign Bank 
Space Suits - see Clark, David M. Co. 
Spalco International Ltd. (Uxbridge_ 
Spanish American War 
Spanish Clubs and Associations 
Spanish Community Center 
Speakers Clubs 
Specialized Software International 
Specialty Manufacturing Corp. 
SpecTran Corp. (Sturbridge) 
Spectro Inc. (Fitchburg) 
Spectrum House 
Spectrum Office Interiors 
Speedy Muffler King 
Spelunker Clubs 
Spence's Cleaning Service 
Spencer Products Inc. (Spencer) 
Spiritualism - see Occult 
Sport Cap Manufacturing Co. 
Sports - see also name of specific sport 
Sports, Equal Opportunity (Chapter 622) 
Sports Alive 
Sports Center - see Civic Center 
Sprague Electric Co. 
Sprague-Fitton Opticians 
Square Dancing 
Stafford - Hamilton Machinery Corp. 
Stafford Iron Works 
Stage Coaches 
Stained Glass Windows 
Stainless Steel Coating Inc. 
Stanco Tool & Die Co. (Southbridge) 
Standard Foundry Co. (formerly Chromalloy American) 
Standard Ice Co. 
Standard Lock & Manufacturing Co. 
Standard Yarn Co. 
Stanfast Inc. 
Stanley Woolen Co. 
Stanton Tool & Manufacturing Co. 
Star Dry Goods 
L.S. Starrett Co. (Athol) 
State Club of Massachusetts 
State of Maine Club 
State Mutual Life Assurance Co. 
State Office Building 
State Opticians, Inc. 
State Parks & Reservations 
State Police - see Massachusetts State Police 
Statues - see Monuments 
Steam Music Co. 
Steel Shearings & Baling Co. 
M. Steinert & Sons 
Stephen Co. 
William C. Stephens Co. 
Sterling Confectionary Co. 
Sterling Media Associates 
Sterling Peat & Loam Co. 
Stetson Home for Boys 
Stevens Linen Association, Inc. (Dudley) 
Stevens Sportswear Co. (Southbridge) 
Stevens Walden, Inc. 
Stewart Boiler Works 
G.E. Stimpson Co. 
Stobbs Press 
Stone & Berg Lumber Co. 
H.J. Stone & Sons 
Stop & Shop Co. 
Stores - see also Food Stores; Liquor Stores, Pharmacies, Names of Specific Stores 
Strand's Ski Shop 
Stratus Computers Inc. 
Street Hockey 
Street Lighting 
Street Railway - see Worcester Street Railway Co. 
Streets - see Roads 
Streets, Bureau of 
Strikes (Miscellaneous Industries) - see also Name of Struck Company 
Stuarts Dept. Store 
Stubbs Collection - see Public Library 
Student Achievement Institute 
Student Business Forum 
Student Program for Urban Development (S.P.U.D.) 
Students Against Drunk Driving - see MADD/SADD 
Sturbridge Village 
Stylon Corp. (Milford) 
E.A. Sullivan Co. 
Summer's World 
Summer's World Center for the Arts 
Summit Steel Co. Inc. 
Sunday Legislation 
Sunrise Beverage Co. 
Supercon Inc. (Shrewsbury) 
Supermarkets - see Food Stores 
Supreme Plating Co. 
Suprenant Mfg. Co. (Clinton) 
Surabion Advertising, Inc. 
Sutherland Smoke House Products 
Svea Baking Co. 
Swan Printers 
Sweet Adelines 
John E. Swenson Co, Inc. 
Swift & Co. 
Swiss Fabric Outlet 
Swiss Services Inc. (Shrewsbury) 
Sydon, Ltd. 
Sylvia Shoe Co. 
Synagogues & Temples 
- Beth Israel 
- Shaarai Torah 
- Sons of Jacob 
- Tifereth Israel 
- Tifereth Israel - Sons of Jacob (Yeshiva) 
- Temple Emmanual 
- Temple Sinai 
- Temple Sons of Israel 
Synergy Institute 
Syrians & Lebanese 
Sytron Corp. (Marlboro) 

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