Worcester Free Public Library

Worcester Clipping File

Vacations (City) 
Valkyrie Mfg. Co. 
Valtec Corp. 
Valve Components, Inc. 
Vaillancourt Folk Art
Van Brode Industries - see also Weetabix Co. 
Van Dorn Plastic Machinery Co. 
Van Huffle Eastern (Gardner) 
Van Slett Advertising Co. 
Vatco Mfg. Co. 
Vee-Arc Corp. (Westboro) 
Vellumoid Co. 
Vending Machines 
Venereal Disease 
Vernon Drug Co. 
Vernon Hill 
Vertipile Inc. (Leominster) 
Veterans Administration (U.S.) 
Veterans Associations - see also American Legion Clubs 
Veterans Service Dept. 
Veterinary School 
Victor Electronics Corp. 
Victor Management - see Rose Family Enterprises 
Victory Supermarket 
Video Recording 
Video Stores 
Viko Shoe Co. 
Viomedics Inc. 
Visions 2000 
Visiting Nurses Association of Worcester 
Visitors, Famous - see Biography 
Vitek Aviation 
Vocational Education 
Vocational Schools- Monty Tech
Vocational Schools 
- David Hale Fanning 
- Vocational Trades High 
- W.I.T.I. 
Vogue Wall Coverings, Inc. (Fitchburg) 
Voluntary Action Center 
Volunteers for International Development 
Volunteers of America 
Voting Machines 
Voice of the Faithful
V.T.T. Properties—see Biography Theodorakas, Vais T.

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