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Volunteering at the Library

We have volunteers who range in age from 14-74! Their interests are just as broad. Of course, they all enjoy reading! Another characteristic they all share is that they value the library's mission within the community.

Our volunteers work in many different capacities, lending their behind-the-scenes support to our appreciative staff. Shelvers are always needed, especially during the school year, because so many Worcester area students utilize our resources at this time.

For more information, contact Jason Wargo, our Volunteer Coordinator, at 508-799-1675


Our volunteers at the Perkins Branch Library range in age from teens to retired folks--all with the same motivation: Helping us give excellent service to the communities we serve.

Volunteer tasks may include shelving, straightening, dusting, and assistance at programs and special events. Our volunteers get a feeling of accomplishment while giving back to their community.

To inquire about volunteer openings please contact Robin Oliver, Volunteer Services, at the Frances Perkins Branch of Worcester Public Library, or call 508-799-1687.

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